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Microsoft already released version: Windows 10 Anniversary Update version 1607, we strongly recommend you to update to this version.Lenovo offers Optimus graphic driver updates that always seem to reference old/outdated versions of the official Nvidia Ge Force driver.will the non-Ge Force drivers in the Lenovo package be unaffected if I install the Ge Force driver separately? The proprietary "NVIDIA Accelerated Linux Graphics Driver" provides optimized hardware acceleration of Open GL applications via a direct-rendering X server.As new upstream versions of the proprietary driver are released, upload might not happen immediately.

If you are doing a distribution upgrade, you should at the very least remove all the nvidia packages from wheezy, get your desktop working with nouveau, then reinstall the nvidia packages if there is a pressing reason.Download and install any prerequisites identified in the dialog window before proceeding.4. Created in 2000, Help has 1,028,000 drivers, BIOS, manuals and utilities, the biggest collection to be found on the Internet. are those originally provided by the manufacturers.This installation will take some time but you will have successfully updated your driver after that. Right click and use Update Driver Software on the Display or Standard VGA Graphics Adapter from your device list. Point to the path of the extracted NVIDIA driver folder (eg.If the above method didn’t work for you then try this alternative method: 1.

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Example - newest drivers as of today, 8/16/2016: The bolded part in the Lenovo version indicates that the packaged Ge Force driver is 357.47, which seems pretty old compared to 372.54. 357 is about 6 months old, avoids the 36x debacle & should work for most things.

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